Welcome to Be A Boss®

Whether you own a business, you’re trying to start a business or you’re interested in doing business, you have come to the right place.

Who Are We?

Be A Boss® is an App that connects people.  By creating a network of both service Providers, and Callers (people who need or desire a service) the App makes it easy for each individual to be their own Boss.  Callers enjoy the ability to command executive style services, while Providers command their business, control their own schedule, and demonstrate that The Willing Are Many®.

Be A Boss® is still getting off the ground in some communities. So if you don't see a huge network in your area be sure to check back soon! As our convenient multi-service application catches on, you gain access to more services (and the people looking for those services).

Be A Boss® works best as the community grows. Invite your friends, your family members, co-workers, neighbors; anyone who has a skill, or wants to hire someone skilled—the more Callers and Providers in your community, the better everyone’s experience will be.

Want to take your business to the next level? Want to start a business but don't know where to begin or how to gain clients?

Build a community on the app.

Communities give clients full access to the services provided by your business or organization. All communication is secure and done over the app. No personal numbers needed.

Request to build a community and learn how to become a Be A Boss® Community Manager. You can even earn revenue as Callers and Providers become a part of your Be A Boss® Community. Remember, we don't succeed unless you succeed!

How Does It Work?

Bosses find work. Bosses don't wait.

For a Caller it's simple - download and register on the app and start requesting. If you already have a job or task in mind then request an "Instant Assistant." They can provide assistance for most general jobs. No more last minute cancellations. Once you select a provider that fits your needs, text, call, or video chat with them, to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. If you need a team then request multiple providers and group call/video chat with up to 6 of them.

For a Provider - download the app and start by building your profile. Here you can enter everything you'd want a Caller to to know about the service(s) you provide and how much experience you have. Start by searching for communities in your area and find one that best fits your needs. If you already have a small business then request to build your own community and get your clients and employees to join up.

YOU can Be A Boss®. No matter what you do, we just want to help you do it successfully. We achieve this by helping you build your business, and become your own boss by connecting you with the Callers who want your services.

Be A Boss® puts the entrepreneurial spirit and environment in your hands and at your fingertips.

So get started today. Create your own community. Give yourself access to the products and services you’re looking for…when you’re looking for them.



Notice a bug? Run into a problem with the app? Take a screenshot and/or send us a detailed message at support@beabossnow.com

*Some Countries, States or Local governments may require degrees or certifications for a listed Provider type on the app. Please check your local laws to ensure your compliance.

*Be A Boss® is a platform that connects Providers with Callers and not an Employer of the Providers or Callers listed in the app.