Be A Boss® offers a mobile platform where individuals can request you for your services.

Callers: Our client base ranges from small businesses to large corporations. Whether you are a professional needing more free time or a parent who has too many errands and not enough daylight; Be A Boss® can help. Let us pair you with one of our experienced "Instant Assistants," who will immediately take something off of your plate. Our Instant Assistants are fully equipped to tackle a variety of arduous chores. From cleaning up the house or office, or picking up lunch or important documents. We know how stressful life can be and it's those small daily tasks that take away from what little time you have left for yourself. 

Providers: Whether you’ve got a steady 9 to 5, or you’re a freelancer trying to build your own business, Be A Boss® gives you access to new customers and clients who might not find your store, your website, or your phone number otherwise.

Research shows that the BBe A Boss® flat-rate pay scale will typically reward you far more handsomely than the wages you’re used to.*

This is for you!

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Hair Stylist

Building your own beauty business, but need a way to reach new clients? Be A Boss® is the answer. People are spending tons of money on personal hair care everyday, so why shouldn’t they spend it on your services?

Personal Trainer

Are you a Fitness Freak and want people to  benefit from your intense fitness training skills such as cardio exercises, meditation, weight training, etc?

With our app you'll be able to search people who are looking for personal trainers; and not only that, Callers will come to you!

Instant Assistant

Be A Boss® gives you access to clients who need general labor services near you.

Jack of all trades, but having trouble finding work? Now it’s time to say good bye to searching and be your own boss. Get paid like a Boss without the promotional expense to market yourself. Register your skills & offer your availability to people who are looking for an Instant Assistant.

Be A Boss® and determine your own schedule!

Makeup Artist

Are you a professional makeup artist, but don't want to work out of a beauty salon? Are you passionate about your work but can't find the right clients? People in your community are spending tons of money on personal beauty every day; why shouldn't they be your next clients?  

Be A Boss® and grow your business!



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*Every project you accept and confirm through the Be A Boss® app is expected to pay $1 per minute with a 30 minute ($30) minimum. Be A Boss® collects a service fee of one-third from each paid service on the app. You always keep two-thirds PLUS any tips a Caller offers.