Manage Your Staff

Communication is complex

Managing your service requests involves juggling phone calls, spreadsheets and post its while also tracking down interns, volunteers, canvassing leaders and supervisors. Requests slip through the cracks, management gets frustrated and projects fall behind.

Sound familiar? It doesn't have to!

Be A Boss® simplifies communication, increases efficiency, enhances accountability and streamlines your operation. Be A Boss® provides a platform that allows you to manage requests and workflow all in one place. Better communication increases employee morale, maximizes efficiency, improves community relations, and lowers costs; all while enhancing campaign efficiency and satisfaction.

Deliver Enhanced services with Be A Boss®

Be A Boss® Executive is built around the four pillars of service delivery :

  • Request Management
  • Work Management
  • Engagement
  • Data Analysis

Be A Boss® distinguishes itself by providing cutting edge technical capabilities including: video chat and group video chat, tracking and communication for individuals and groups, as well as transaction history for all services. Let us help you Be A Boss®.


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